Delivery of orders over 50 euros is free of charge.

Orders under € 50 are delivered at the rates indicated below.

The goods can be delivered through postal terminals or by courier to the address you specified.

In Lithuania the goods are delivered by the LP Express parcel delivery service (the cost of delivery through the postal terminal is 3 euros, the cost of delivery by courier is 4 euros).

In Estonia the goods are delivered by the OMNIVA parcel delivery service (prices are calculated when paying for the order).

The delivery time can be seen after choosing a product in the "Delivery" section. The preliminary date is indicated here. The buyer agrees that the seller is released from liability for delayed delivery of the goods due to unforeseen circumstances and / or circumstances beyond the control of the seller.

If several goods are ordered at the same time, the Seller reserves the right to deliver the goods in separate parts.

If in the "Delivery" section you see different delivery times when ordering several items at the same time, the maximum specified delivery time will be considered the total delivery time.

If, when ordering several goods at the same time, in the "Stores" section you see that the goods are sent from two countries (Lithuania and Estonia), only courier delivery or receipt of goods in the selected store is valid for the delivery.

The buyer undertakes to correctly indicate the exact place of delivery of the goods.

When delivering goods by courier, the buyer must check the condition of the parcel and the goods in the presence of the courier. After the transfer of the goods to the buyer, it is considered that the package has been handed over in good condition and the goods have no damage that can be determined by external examination of the goods. If it is noticed that the package of the parcel is damaged( i.e. wrinkled, wet or otherwise damaged on the outside) or the goods are delivered incorrectly, the buyer must draw up in any form a statement of damage or inconsistency of the parcel with the signature of the courier. The buyer's failure to comply with this condition releases the seller from liability, in which case it is considered that the goods were delivered in good condition and of good quality.


Free receipt of goods in the store.

1. If you have selected the goods that are in the store you have chosen, the goods will be ready within 2 working hours from the moment of placing the order (this condition is valid if order is completed on working days). We will inform you about this by e-mail and / or SMS.

2. If you have chosen to receive the goods in the store, and these goods need to be delivered to the store of your choice from the warehouse, in this case we will deliver them to the store of your choice within 1-3 business days after placing the order. We will inform you about this by e-mail and / or SMS.

When picking up a paid order, have the order number and an identity document with you. If your goods will not be picked up by you, indicate the recipient when placing the order. And if the buyer is a legal entity, have a power of attorney.


IMPORTANT: If your order has to be shipped outside the EU in order to receive the order, you may have to pay VAT, customs duties, etc. Tax policies vary from country to country, so we cannot predict how much it will cost. We recommend that you contact your local authorities for running costs prior to placing an order to avoid unexpected waste. Please note that if you are requesting the return of an item for which you paid duty, the duty will not be refunded as these are additional costs to the buyer.