The goods are delivered throughout Lithuania and Estonia via LP Express terminals, delivering them to our stores or through an authorised representative of the seller.
The buyer undertakes to indicate the exact location for the delivery of goods.
The seller delivers the goods to the buyer on the terms and rates indicated in the section “Delivery”. These terms are preliminary and shall not be applied in such cases, when specific goods are not available at the warehouse of the seller. Moreover, the buyer also accepts that the seller shall be relieved of the responsibility for the delay of the delivery of goods due to the unforeseen causes as well as due to the circumstances beyond the seller’s control.
The seller reserves the right to deliver the parcel of the products in split deliveries.
The refusal of the customer to accept the parcel shall be considered as the goods delivered to the customer. 
At the moment of the delivery of the goods to the buyer, the buyer together with the seller or his authorised representative (if applicable) shall inspect the condition of the parcel and the item, and shall sign the document of the transfer-acceptance of the parcel. After the buyer signs the document of the transfer-acceptance of the parcel, it shall be deemed that the parcel is handed over to the buyer in proper condition and there are no damages which can be detected during the external inspection of the goods. In case it has been noticed that the packaging of the delivered parcel is damaged, i.e. crumpled, wet or otherwise externally damaged, or the set of the goods is improper, the buyer shall mark this accordingly in the document of the transfer-acceptance of the parcel as well as conclude a parcel damage or non-compliance report of a free form. In case of the failure of the buyer to carry out these actions, the seller shall be relieved of the responsibility, and in such case, it shall be deemed that the goods are delivered in good condition and high quality.